About Troop PA-1207

About Troop PA-1207

Trail Life Troop PA-1207 came to be from a group of parents looking for a Boy Scout alternative for their sons.  Phil LaMay and Matt Shipley took the lead in organizing and chartering the troop through Trail Life USA.  Instrumental to the troop’s success was Jared Snyder, Troopmaster of PA-0412.  His partnership and guidance allowed the PA-1207 to get organized and hold a kickoff event in July of 2021 with 50 – 80 boys attending.   

The fall of 2021, PA-1207 started regular, weekly meetings with 50 registered Trailmen.  PA-1207 is a ministry of Grace RPC, in Gibsonia, with RPC North Hills, in Ross, as a partner in that ministry. Most troop meetings are held at Grace, while special events are held at North Hills.  Aside from the weekly meetings, PA-1207 youth leadership plan monthly outings like camp outs, hikes, and service projects, and the Woodlands Program (ages 5 to 10) go on monthly Hit-the-Trail events.   

As of spring of 2023, PA-1207 has 70 active Trailmen.

For more information, contact us at info@tlpa1207.com

Troop Leadership

Troop Ministry Liasson (TML) – Phil LaMay 

Committee Chairman (CC) – Matt Shipley 

Chaplin – John DeGraaf 

Treasurer – Yong Zhang 

Troopmaster – Ken Barrett 

Senior Ministry Leader (Pastor) – Jeff Stivason