Communication Officer’s Blog

Camp Conquest – Camp Allegheny – Oct 2023

We first met at Grace RPC and then drove to Camp Allegheny. It was dark and wet when we made it to camp. We setup camp and hung out a bit until this guy played Taps on a bugle meaning it was bed time. The next day we woke up and went over gun safety rules with our first officer. We had breakfast and then went to the flag ceremony with all of camp. We then did a few stations until lunch. After we ate lunch we went to our next few stations. When we did all of them we had dinner and cleaned up and went to watch the pugil stick championship. After the championship ended we went to a bonfire and watched a bunch of skits the other troops made. After the bonfire, we all went back to camp and went to sleep. We woke up and we had breakfast, broke camp, and attended chapel. We then hit the road.